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Pretrial Services - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How soon after a person is arrested is their first court hearing?

A. A person's first court hearing is typically held within 24 hours after arrest. This hearing is called the First Appearance and is held Mondays through Fridays.

Q. What happens at an initial appearance hearing?

A. The judge determines the conditions under which a person will be released from custody, attorneys may be appointed (if appropriate), and the next court date will be set.

Q. What does release on own recognizance (ROR) mean?

A. ROR means that you are released from custody on your promise to appear in court for all future hearings.

Q. What does it mean when a person who is arrested is released to the custody of Pretrial Services?

A. When a judge releases a person to the custody of Pretrial Services, that person must report to the Supervision Unit and comply with any conditions of release set by the judge or Pretrial Services. Pretrial Services is responsible for monitoring the person's compliance with the release conditions.

Q. What happens if a person who is under PTS supervision does not comply with the conditions of release ordered by the judge?

A. Pretrial Services is responsible for notifying the court of the person's non-compliance, and the judge can order that person be returned to jail.

Q. If the judge sets a bond as a condition of release, how is the bond posted?

A. The bond can be posted directly with the court if the person has cash for the full amount of the bond. If not, the person can use a bondsman who will require that the person post 10% to 15% of the bond in cash (this is the bondsman's fee and will not be returned) and use personal collateral for the balance of the bond.

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