Court Technology Services

General Courtroom Technology Description

Each Superior Court courtroom has been outfitted with new camera-enabled all-in-one computers and the Zoom Rooms software. 

The full inventory of devices installed in each courtroom include: 

  • 3 All-In-One devices installed on the Prosecutor desk, Attorney desk, and Podium 
  • 1 DTEN ME Touchscreen device on the witness stand
  • 1 75” TV for Gallery Viewing.
  • 1 65” TV outside the courtroom
  • 1 Zoom Rooms License
  •  Elmo MX-P2 Document Camera

With the Zoom Rooms software, all devices will join the proceeding automatically at the start time of the proceeding once the host starts the proceeding. This delivers a rich experience for virtual hearings.

Courtroom Sound Architecture

Our sound systems have been integrated into the computers on the podiums. The podium computer serves as the sound aggregator for the entire courtroom. All microphones in the courtroom send their audio signals to the podium computer; that device is in turn connected to the courtroom’s overhead speakers. When participants (remote or in person) speak during a virtual hearing, they are speaking to and hearing each other through the podium computer. The podium computer is the only device in the courtroom whose sound should be turned on during a hearing. All other devices in the courtroom joined to a hearing must have their microphones and speakers muted to prevent feedback.