Pretrial Services

Providing Information for Pretrial Release Determinations & Monitoring

Fulton County Pretrial Services gathers and provides information for all arrestees charged with criminal offenses and booked into Fulton County jail. The program provides Superior and State Court judicial officers with verified information for pretrial release determinations and monitors defendants released to the program for compliance with their conditions of release. Created in 1963, Pretrial Services has since established itself as an integral component of the Fulton County criminal justice system and actively contributes to the efficient administration of justice.

Mission Statement

To assist the Superior Court in its application of statutory release criteria by providing information that facilitates the release and detention decision-making process at the earliest opportunity in order to enhance the overall administration of justice and minimize unnecessary pretrial detention.

Purpose Statement

Pretrial Services is committed to implementing comprehensive supervision strategies to enhance community safety, reduce nonappearance, and to provide supportive services for defendants that encourage a refrain from future criminal misconduct.

Guiding Principles

  • The Constitutional Presumption of Innocence.
  • Non-Financial Conditions of Release
  • Pro-Social Interventions
  • Innovation, Effective Use of Technology, and the Development of Human Capital more