Jury Exemptions and Deferrals

Need to defer, change or apply for exemption of jury duty?

  • To defer or postpone your jury service one (1) time only, please contact us. Email is the best way to reach us info.juryservices@fultoncountyga.gov 
  • Alternatively, you can leave us a message at (404) 613-7430, and we will return your call. 

If you feel that you have a reason, other than the approved exemptions, that you cannot make your jury duty, please leave us a voicemail at (404) 613-7430, Monday-Friday from 10:00 AM-3:30 PM. 

You may also email us at info.juryservices@fultoncountyga.gov for further assistance. We may be able to grant you a one-time deferral to a different date.

That is not allowed.  Georgia law is very strict about maintaining the randomness of jury selection and juror selection.  We are unable to convert your service to another type, in person or virtual.  Additionally, virtual jury selection is only via Zoom the first day.  If you are chosen to sit on the trial, you will report to the courthouse as ordered by the Judge.