Business Court

Metro Atlanta Business Case Division

The Metro Atlanta Business Case Division, or MABCD, strives to provide just and efficient service to complex commercial and business disputes.  Established in 2005, with Fulton County State Court joining the Division in January of 2020, the Business Case Division has handled hundreds of sophisticated business cases over its history.

Benefits of the Business Case Division include:

  • Cases are not scheduled behind a general docket of criminal and civil cases that generally exist in other court divisions.

  • Comprehensive scheduling orders addressing all aspects of a case, including electronic discovery.

  • Fast resolution of discovery disputes.

  • Specially set hearings that are promptly scheduled at Counsel's convenience.

  • Written rulings on many substantive motions are published in a searchable data base administered by Georgia State University School of Law

Eligible cases must be approved for transfer into the Business Case Division by a committee of active judges from both the Fulton County Superior and State Courts.