Employee Testimonials

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What does it feel like to be a part of Superior Court Administration’s innovative, culture?

And how do we intentionally cultivate it?

Watch the video to see what it’s like to belong to our talented team.


Employee Testimony:  My role as Court Support Manager II involves several roles - managing daily operations and services within the court means making sure construction projects are completed as well working with DREAM and supervising administrative support staff.  

What I enjoy most about my job is the respect I receive from all the people employed here, but especially in my department. So many agencies say they respect staff but to actually demonstrate these qualities is very important to me. My work family and I work very well together. 

Employee Name:  Timothy Hall

Position Title, Dept:  Court Support Mgr II, Operations & Court Services Division

Employed Since:  August, 2022


Employee Testimony:  I work on a small team where my role includes conducting operational research, developing recommendations for changes in court policies and procedures, serving as a liaison to key stakeholders, and generating reports on court operations. I’ve experienced tremendous growth here and I really enjoy meeting so many professionals that are genuinely committed to helping our community. I’ve encountered numerous employees who go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure they get their jobs done efficiently.

Beyond professional growth and inspiration from others, the benefits are wonderful! Medical, dental, vision, and retirement benefits are some of the other reasons I stay.

Employee Name:  Tasheena Cash

Position Title, Dept:  Policy Analyst IV, Court Administration

Employed Since:  November, 2022


Employee Testimony:  I wear many hats – that of an Office Manager, Chamber Liaison, and Accountant to name a few.  On Team McB, as we call ourselves, we work together to always to ensure the needs of the Court and our Judge are met.  

I get most excited about the comradery we have within our team space.  We all get along very well and it’s actually a joy to come to work to hang out with my co-workers.  Working for Judge McBurney is what has made me stay with Court Administration.  There have been a few changes on our team over the years, but the Judge has always made sure that my co-worker and I were included in the selection of new team members to ensure that we maintain that same comradery.  Team McB is the best! 

Employee Name:  Michelle Hansberry

Position Title, Dept:  Judicial Assistant, Judge Robert C.I. McBurney

Employed Since:  April, 2012