Code of Conduct

The Court requires that the following specific rules and Code of Conduct be observed by Process Servers:

  1. Process Servers shall treat parties to be served with respect and courtesy. As such, Process Servers should refrain from behaving in a threatening or abusive manner and should avoid physical contact with the parties.
  2. Process Servers should refrain from using threatening or vulgar language while serving process.
  3. Process Servers should refrain from attempting to forcibly enter the home or business or other property of a party to be served.
  4. Process Servers shall not serve process while they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Process Servers shall not carry weapons or firearms while serving process except to the extent authorized by law.
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Handling of Complaints

Complaints may be filed regarding a violation of the Process Servers Code of Conduct by completing a complaint form and submitting it to the email address indicated at the bottom of the form. The complaint should include your name, mailing address, and telephone number; the name and telephone number of the person being reported; a detailed description of the violation, and any supporting documentation. Any request for the status of a complaint must be made in writing and will be answered in writing. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

Where appropriate, the Court will seek to resolve the complaint either through informal or formal means. Notification of the final action of the Court regarding a complaint will be made as soon as such information is available. The complainant and Process Server may be asked to appear before the court.

Please be advised the Court does not have the authority to (1) provide legal advice; (2) order the Process Server to pay or refund money; (3) order the Process Server to complete or correct work or services; or (4) to provide any records or other information obtained during the course of a review. Please contact your personal attorney to determine what civil remedies may be available to assist in recovering any losses you may have suffered as a result of your transaction.


The complaint will be given serious consideration by the Court and, if appropriate, a review or an inspection may be requested. In order to use this the Process Server Complaint Form, the Process Server MUST be an approved Superior Court Process Servers.

As a standard practice, Court Staff will interview the complainant, the respondent, and any pertinent witnesses, either by telephone or in person or via a written statement. Court Staff will also gather copies of any documents relevant to the complaint. The referral of a complaint for further review does not necessarily mean that a violation has occurred. Reviews are completed as soon as possible, depending upon the nature and circumstances of the complaint. After review of the complaint, the Court may determine that an apparent violation of the Code of Conduct occurred and take the necessary actions to remedy the complaint.