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Image of Scales Assisting Children in Transition Seminar
Offered by the Fulton County Family Division (Pre-registration is required)

A.C.T. is a seminar provided for children of divorcing parents. The four hour educational seminar is offered by the Family Division of Superior Court of Fulton County and is conducted by trained counselors and therapists. It addresses questions commonly asked by children, ages 8 through 17 (no children under 8), whose parents are divorcing. The questions are addressed in two groups: 8 to 12; and 13 to 17. Activities include journal writing and role play.

Fees, Registration

There is no charge for children to attend the A.C.T. seminar, but at least one parent must attend the F.I.T. seminar at the same time their child attends the A.C.T. Seminar.

Pre-registration is required. At least one parent and the child(ren) must be pre-registered in order for the child(ren) to attend the A.C.T. seminar. All fees for parents attending the Families in Transition seminar must be paid in full at least 2 business days prior to the seminar. In order to register your child, please provide the child's 1) NAME, 2) AGE and 3) GRADE in school. You must sign the registration form showing that the child is aware of the pending divorce, that you understand attendance at the children's seminar is completely voluntary and that at least one parent must be pre-registered for, and attend, the Families in Transition Seminar on the same date. You must also provide your name, signature, and work and home telephone numbers.


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