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Community Engagement and Service   Community Engagement and Service

Former Chief Judge Wright Wins Service Award

The Atlanta Bar Association held its annual Celebrating Service luncheon and Pro Bono Fair on Friday, Oct. 17, at the Piedmont Driving Club. The occasion celebrated the best volunteer work and programs coming out of Atlantaís three largest pro bono legal service organizations: the Atlanta Bar Association, Atlanta Legal Aid Society and the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation. Former Chief Judge Cynthia Wright was the recipient of the Public Service Award during this yearís luncheon.

Judge Wright Recieves Award 1
From left to right- Melody Richardson, Judge Susan Edlein, Emory Schwall, Judge Shawn LaGrua.

Judge Wright Recieves Award 2
From left to right- Fulton County Superior Court Judge Craig Schwall and Emory Schwall.

Judge Wright Recieves Award 3
From left to right- Judge Susan Edlein, Judge Shawn LaGrua, Terri Beck, Jacquelyn Saylor, Jonathon Rapping, and Melody Richardson.

Judge Wright Recieves Award 4
Former Chief Judge Cynthia Wright was the recipient of the Atlanta Barís Public Service award.

Judge Wright Recieves Award 5
Judge Cynthia Wright receives the Public Service Award from Judge Susan Edlein and Judge Shawn LaGrua.

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