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Community Engagement and Service   Community Engagement and Service


The Superior Court of Fulton County hosted visitors from Indonesia on Friday, May 8, 2015. Arranged by the Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership program, the group of attorneys and researchers came to familiarize themselves with U.S law enforcement, legislative and judicial frameworks, and the role of courts in protecting human rights in the justice system. The group attended the Spring 2015 Drug Accountability Court graduation before meeting one on one with Chief Judge Gail S. Tusan, Judge Shawn Ellen LaGrua, Family Division Director Mrs. Tracy B. Johnson, and Accountability Court Director Mr. M. Lee Brooks.

Group discussion with Judge LaGrua
The group engaged in discussion with Judge Shawn Ellen LaGrua and Accountability Courts Director, Mr. M. Lee Brooks

Visiting attorneys with Judge LaGrua and Mr. Lee Brooks
From the left, Mr. Firdiansyah, Ms. Pratiwi Febry, Judge Shawn Ellen LaGrua, Mr. M. Lee Brooks, and Mr. Wahyudi Djapar

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