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Evidence Presentation Technology

General Courtroom Technology Description

Each Superior Court courtroom has been outfitted with new camera-enabled All-In-One Computers and the Zoom Rooms software. The devices installed in each courtroom include:

  • 3 All-In-One devices installed on the Prosecutor desk, Attorney desk, and Podium
  • 1 DTEN ME Touchscreen device on the witness stand
  • 1 75” TV for Gallery Viewing
  • 1 65” TV outside the courtroom
  • 1 Zoom Rooms License
  • 1 Elmo MX-P2 Document Camera

With the Zoom Rooms software, all devices will join the meeting automatically at the start time of the meeting once the host starts the meeting. This delivers a rich experience for virtual hearings.

For a printable version of this information which includes details on using the system for evidence presentation click here.

Courtroom Sound Architecture

Our courtrooms’ sound systems have been integrated into the computers on the podiums. The podium computer serves as the sound aggregator for the entire courtroom. All microphones in the courtroom send their audio signals to the podium computer; that device is in turn connected to the courtroom’s overhead speakers. When participants (remote or in person) speak during a virtual hearing, they are speaking to and hearing each other through the podium computer. The podium computer is the only device in the courtroom whose sound should be turned on during a hearing. All other devices in the courtroom joined to a hearing must have their microphones and speakers muted to prevent feedback.

Evidence Presentation Using Zoom

Evidence Presentation is core to case adjudication and constitutes a significant requirement for courtroom technology. The Superior Court of Fulton County has adopted the Zoom video-conferencing platform for evidence presentation in its courtrooms for virtual and hybrid hearings.

The “Share Screen” feature of Zoom meets the Court’s evidence presentation requirements and gives the Court the opportunity to adopt the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy for evidence presentation by attorneys.

Device Compatibility and Technical Requirements

Zoom is compatible laptops, tablets, and mobile phones and a wide array of operating systems. The link below contains a list of devices and operating systems compatible with Zoom:

Wi-fi Internet Connectivity

Attorneys and litigants who bring their mobile devices to a Superior Court courtroom may access internet connection via the public Wi-Fi network provided by Fulton County - FULTON COUNTY PUBLIC. Upon connecting with the public Wi-Fi network, a landing page is displayed with an agreement. Attorney or Litigant has to click on the checkbox to agree to connect, and then click on the “Continue to the Internet” button to gain access to the internet.

Fulton County Public WiFi

Joining Zoom for a Virtual Hearing

It is recommended that attorneys or litigants who seek to participate in a virtual hearing download the Zoom app on their mobile device. While a virtual hearing on Zoom may be accessed via a browser, the functionality accessible via the browser is limited compared with the Zoom app. The Zoom app may be downloaded at this link

***It is strongly recommended that attorneys contact courtroom staff for a compatibility test between their mobile device and courtroom technology a day or two before the actual hearing.

For a printable version of this information which includes details on using the system for evidence presentation click here.