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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation Image
Superior Court of Fulton County
160 Pryor Street, Suite JG26
Charles L. Carnes Justice Center Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Office Number: 404-612-4549



Alternative Dispute Resolution, commonly referred to as ADR, is a program that offers alternatives to litigation and provides opportunities for early, party-driven, fair resolution of conflicts. The purpose of ADR is to facilitate settlements and agreements on issues defined by the parties.

While traditional litigation may serve parties' interests well in some situations, many cases have needs that can be better met through other procedures, such as Mediation or Judicially Hosted Settlement Conferences.

ADR programs also benefit the courts by reducing time spent in courtrooms that is costly not just to the parties, but to the courts in terms of effective use of resources (facilities, employees, judges, security, etc). Since its inception in 1976, Fulton County's ADR program has helped resolve well over 100,000 cases.