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Court Committees

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The Superior Court of Fulton County divides its judicial, oversight, and internal administrative tasks among 12 committees which

  • gather information
  • identify policy issues and propose solutions
  • select, determine, and report measures for full bench consideration
  • monitor bench caseload performance.
There are two main types of committees: Standing and Select.

Standing committees are permanent committees as identified in the Superior Court Governance structure. The standing committees review matters and recommend measures for consideration by the entire bench.

Select committees examine emerging issues that do not fit clearly within existing standing committee jurisdictions, or which cut across jurisdictional boundaries. A select committee may be permanent or temporary.

Standing Committees for the Superior Court of Fulton County

Accountability Courts Committee: oversees the work of the Accountability Courts, specifically related to the policies, sanctions, compliance, regulations, and effectiveness of the programs.

Business Court Committee: works in conjunction with state and local bar associations to promote and improve the policies and functions of the Business Court.

Executive Committee: serves as the vetting arm of the Court to assist the Chief Judge and Court Administrator in matters concerning Court Management.

External Relations Committee: helps to foster good working relationships and improve better understanding between the judicial branch and the media and assists judges and court personnel with questions and concerns involving the media.

Internal Governance Committee: reviews procedures for governance policies to include the election of Chief Judge and other judicial officers; mentoring and training new judges; and voting processes and procedures.

Juvenile Court Committee: develops policies to allow the Superior Court to be informed about the programs, progress and performance of the Juvenile Court. The Committee also vets and recommends candidates to the Juvenile Court Bench when vacancies occur.

Personnel Committee: guidance to the Court Administrator, by request, on personnel-related matters.

Technology Committee: seeks innovative technology to improve the operation of the Court; reviews and recommends technology for the Court; and recommends policies for acquisition and placement of technology.

Workload Assessment Committee: examines case management resources associated with judicial and administrative resources; reviews policies related to assignment of cases; determines performance benchmarks and if needed, recommends performance measures.

Select Committees for the Superior Court of Fulton County

Court Response Management Team (CRMT): works closely with the Judges, Court Administration, Sheriff's Department, Justice Stakeholders, and Facilities and Transportation on security and safety concerns within the Justice Center Complex.

Joint Governance Committee: convenes joint projects to support the State, Superior and Magistrate Courts. The Committee coordinates and improves the delivery of court services, and ensures accountability and effective customer service.

Joint Jury Services Committee (Superior and State Court): reviews the Court's jury policies and procedures and sets benchmarks for progress as to FTA (Failure to Appear) rates and efficient use of jurors.

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